Friday, September 12, 2008

Maine reporter asks McCain some real questions

Does it bug you that reporters seem to softball the politicians with easy questions. It bugs me!

But not this guy, he is persistent...he should be on national TV.

Question: "What experience does she have in the field of national security?"

McCain: "Energy. She knows more about energy than, ah, probably anyone else in the United States of America..."

Unbelievable. See for yourself:

If she is such an energy expert, where are references to things she has said in the news. Go ahead, look it up. I did. In 2007, according to Google, Governor Palin is mentioned in just 28 news articles with energy or expert in the same text. In the same year, Google returns about 44900 articles with energy or expert and not Governor Palin's name.

If she really knows more than "probably anyone else in the United States" about energy, I think she'd be sited more often then 0.062% of 2007 news pieces about energy.

What do you think? I think I'm going to give some more money to Barack.

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  1. great find, awesome interview, you are right, this guy should go national, but then they would constrain him for sure.