Friday, December 17, 2010

facebook friend in the hospital

I knew of Fran in high school. I was always odd man out so its not like we were friends back then. But he was always nice.

A couple weeks ago I find this awesome Map of Metal and share it with him on FB. I figured for sure I'd hear back that he loved it. Instead, nothing.

Looking at his wall I find he is in the hospital. Undiagnosable issue, put in a doctor induced comma because his organs shut down.  The latest, days later:

Update on Fran: Not a great day for Franny. He is really fighting right now. I hope we have some positive news soon. Still feeling the love, and hoping we can get him listening to music tomorrow, I am sure that will be a huge impact.


It so weird watching from this very distant vantage point. Everyday I expect the worst (undiagnosed issue, WTF is that?) but every day he is still there fighting it. Helpless I am.