Monday, July 27, 2009

windows 7 - what is wrong with MS?

We have a macbook pro. We've had it for almost a year. It functions the same as when we first got it. It has spotlight which instantly searches everything the machine has.

At work I have an XP image on a laptop and use google desktop for search of my files. I've been hoping for a while that Windows 7 (Vista's replacement) will be a great OS - since I"m tired of how XP gets slower and slower as time goes by.

A couple of things lead me to believe that I'm going to be disapointed. First was the fact that the registry - the most horrible system bottleneck ever invented - will remain.

The second is this from Tom's guide:

"Another option to help improve performance is to revert back to XP-class system searching, meaning taking Microsoft’s new indexing engine offline. Vista is notorious for excessive drive activity that integrated search indexing causes. If you happen to be gifted with your file and folder organization and don’t need indexing, then go into AllControl Panel Items > Performance Information and Tools > Adjust indexing options > Modify button. Make sure that all locations are unchecked, thus giving the indexer nothing to do or maintain."

I wonder if/when windows won't stink. The above linked Tom's guide post is about XPM - thats XP mode for Windows 7. What is going on!?!?