Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just So - Elephants

I'm in this play. It's not really my thing but I've had a lot of fun learning new things and meeting new people. Who knows, maybe I'll do it again next year (fat chance).

Here I've recorded my recollections of what I need to know about Elephant's songs and stage directions. With just two days to go I'm hoping that writing this down will help me finally remember it all. All the lyrics are here.

Just So elephants songs and stage directions

BOLD text - a scene with elephants
Skip text - a scene without elephants
Purple text - stage directions

  1. Just so 
    1. Come in during end of EM's intro
    2. As chorus begins, king and queen get bags
    3. Show "Elephant" to the audience
    4. leave and change fast into suit as chorus begins (90 seconds)
  2. Another Tempest
  3. Skip - There's no Harm in Asking
    1. Move up stage (away from audience)
    2. act disturbed while EC sings
  4. Silly Questions
  5. The Limpopo River
    1. Kit and Mike B build the Boat
    2. Leave when around when the boat leaves
      1. stage left box moved to center stage, remove cushion
      2. Queen takes planter from tree box, 
      3. and MIKE B takes the top from the tree box and turns on the tree
  6. Skip Living on this Island
  7. Skip Thick Skin
    1. GET READY with Hawaiian shirt, take off jacket, put Hawaiian shirt on over grey under shirt.
  8. The Parsee Cake Cake Walk
    1. Freeze at the end. 
    2. Fall down if Rino passes near you
    3. leave stage
  9. Skip The Crime
  10. Skip The Chase
  11. Skip We Want to Take the Ladies Out
  12. Skip Pick up Your Hooves and Trot
    1. GET READY: need jacket and grey hat, and leave for trees
  13. Jungle Light / Just So (Reprise)
    1. COME in when "That's right you know it must have been shadowy..."
    2. put down leaves soon after IT's Brash It's BOLD it's Daring…
  14. Limpopo River (Reprise)
    1. Cross stage from left to right on first chorus
    2. Sing the round with KK and other prey animals

  1. Skip Just So (Reprise by EM)
  2. Skip The Argument
  3. Skip Wait a Bit
  4. Skip Aboriginally I Came
  5. Leaps and Bounds
    1. Need outback hat instead of grey hat
    2. Come on at start when Rock Concert music starts (clap to the beat)
    3. Leave after "You can say that again...."
  6. Ripe Bannanas/Just So Reprise (KK on BBQ)
    1. Come in as BBQ leaves for Just So Reprise
  7. Skip Does the Moment Ever Come
  8. Skip Please Don't Touch My Stove
  9. Little One Come Hither
    1. Starts back stage : when piano plays LIMPOPO tune: speak:  "GREAT GREY GREEN …rest… LIMPOPO RIVER"
    2. Ends with back stage : sing "SILLY QUESTIONS" repeated…3 times
  10. IF - the Crab
    1. Come on while singing "PAU AMMA PAU AMMA PAU AMMA PAU AMMA" x2
    2. Leave 5th (after wildebeests), PUT BACK the STAGE to LIBRARY