Friday, May 01, 2009

Stop listening to Michael Savage

Every time I get a few seconds of the "Savage Nation" on my radio I shake my head in disbelief.  How can someone be so racist and successful in modern America. Unbelievable. 

“No contact anywhere with an illegal alien!” conservative talk show host Michael Savage advised his U.S. listeners this week on how to avoid the swine flu. “And that starts in the restaurants" where he said, you “don’t know if they wipe their behinds with their hands!”

What can a thinking person say to this? Nothing. Only a person full of blind hate would say such things.

I can say that I worked in restaurants in 3 states over nine years during my high school and college years. In that time I worked with many different people from all over the world - I did not see a marked difference in cleanlyness among these people. Mexican Americans were no worse or better than the high paid chefs who ran the kitchens.

Too bad my text will be read by maybe 1 or 2 people while Mr. Savage's radio program is listened to by millions.