Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Deep Chip!
Wow, I wrote a report and got myself into Deep Chip. For my job I evaluated a couple of products. One from Atrenta and one from Mentor. My "paper" on the subject got posted!

But on the same day it was posted, Atrenta came to speak to me. They told me about fixes and new features coming down the pike. I sent a note to John over at Deep Chip the very next day:


RE: http://www.deepchip.com/items/0468-08.html

You're emailing this post today is timely. I met with Atrenta yesterday and learned some new things:

* Atrenta does offer Formal verification engine for CDC checks.
* Spyglass CDC does offer automatic recognition of cdc constructs (fifos etc.),
but we need the "advanced" license. At the time I did my testing
I did not have access to one.
* Spyglass does have the ability to be informed that a cell is a
synchronizer without using patterns. But I'm not
sure this would work for us since I have not tried it. If it worked this
would be equivalent to "0in set_cdc_synchronizer custom" which
Mentor's tool supports.

IMHO, the rest of the paper is still valid.


So there you go, my work is fun.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

This weekend we all went to my company's annual family picnic. We forgot our camera, but my friend snapped a couple with his iPhone. They came out real nice.

From Hula Hoops

The hulas were part of a contest - the winner went for a long time...I did not. Jake and I tried to do the burlap bag relay, but lost a close race. Jake won at knocking cans down by throwing bean bags. I won a basketball. Jake and I won a race tugging another kid on a tarp. I also won at "the fastest jump roper" contest. The DJ said he'd never seen a faster jump roper. I had to win because Amanda had not won anything. I gave her my prize.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Here are some photos from our trip to DC. We had a good time - especially at dinner. Check out that Thai food. Mmmmmm....