Tuesday, September 02, 2008

fox vs chrome

Google has launched Chrome today. I downloaded it. I'm using it now. I've opend thirteen tabs in both Firefox and Chrome. I don't use IE so I won't do the same in there. The following image is my task manager:

Firefox is using 2.2 times the memory and one of my two processors is pegged at 100% (shows up as 50% in the task manager).

Wow. That is quite a difference. Here are my tabs from Chrome:

I notice, as I'm typing this, that Chrome does not spell check as I type. Howveer, I'm going to keep using it and see how it goes. Not ready to make it my default browser yet. What about you? Have you tried it?

EDIT: I just noticed that crome is using more memory than I originally thought. There are a lot of processes there. This is in keeping with google's stated architecture of having a seperate process for each tab.

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  1. Google really pissed me off this last week by changing my iGoogle home page to some horrible left tabbed version and it WILL NOT let me revert to the old style. If I check gmail through that, I get this really bad window that doesn't even have a "reply" or "fwd" button in it. I have to access gmail through the top tabs.

    Good to know Chrome at least works.