Tuesday, September 16, 2008

dreaming in CNN

Last night I had an interesting dream. I was in a sewer tunnel watching (perhaps I was the camera man) a CNN reporter giving a live update from under Fannie Mae's building. She was describing the smell, the green moss (doesn't that need sunlight to grow?) and so forth. There was a sanitation guy their explaining how to keep things working. How to clean things up.

Obviously the current financial industry troubles are invading my dream state. But very interestingly CNN is telling me the story even in my dreams.

I first encountered CNN as a freshman in college studying to be a EE. There was no TV at my house in Vermont...let alone cable TV. I was fascinated by Headline News. It was constantly on in the Cafeteria - less so in the dorm suite. James Earl Jone's "This is CNN" made it clear by the sense of authority conveyed by his iconic voice that CNN was the place for news.

Today, 18 years later, they're in my dreams even though I listen to NPR more than watch any sort of TV. But it was the images of the bombs dropping on Iraq that made me not want to be involved in Areospace electronics design. Not going to work for those guys making the "smart" bombs I thought. I've done pretty well in Telcom instead...

What about you, do you find audio/visual technology taking such an embedded role in your dreams too? Did images seen on TV early in life affect your career choices later in life?

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