Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's a jungle out there in middle school

Jake is doing well at his new school. He has a lot of support from day 1 which I think is helping.

Still it is daunting for him. Today he told me he is struggling with the idea of the sequence for getting to band. Go to locker, unlock locker, grab lunch (why do I need lunch on the way to band?) get to band.

Band is on the other side of a large campus and he has only 5 minutes to get there. If he is late he gets lunch detention.

Yesterday he tried 5 times before he got his combination lock open before band class. He ended up forgetting the lunch even though he opened the locker - his band instrument is always stored in the band room. 

Lunch is directly after band and in a room near the band room. Hence the need to get lunch before band - there is not enough time to go get it and get back to the lunch room (again the lunch detention looms over those who are late).

He is too shy to ask, or too proud to admit that he forgot, so he doesn't ask the lunch monitor for a hall pass to go get his lunch......he just didn't eat lunch.

It's a jungle out there in middle school.

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