Friday, May 21, 2010

Testing HTC Incredible Recharge Cycling Rumors

Rumors in forums state that when the phone is charged just one time, it reaches a full charge that is less than the battery's true potential full charge.

Using Battery Snap I measured battery voltage between charges. I did find that second and third charges increased the apparent charge level in the phone. To do this I followed the procedure:
  1. Charge with phone on until the indicator LED turns green.
  2. Turn the phone off, charge again until the indicator LED turns green again.
  3. Repeat #2.
The only thing I did different was to turn the phone on between each step and look at Battery Snap readings. When I was done, I had Battery Snap export its data (in CSV format) and I created the following graph:

From the data it does appear that the mV level of the battery can reach new highs with this procedure. Even as an electrical engineer, an employee of Qualcomm, and a member of the Snapdragon design team, I don't have a ready explanation for this. Not surprise there, I don't do batteries!

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  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I have discovered the same results from testing my phone. Something is not as it should be.