Thursday, May 20, 2010

Must have Android Apps

Two weeks with Verizon's HTC Incredible.... here are some must have apps:

  • audio manager 
    • way better than going into settings->Sound & Display
    • Bonus: it is the only way to turn down the phone dialer volume
  • battery snap
    • great historical graphs of battery usage (how much did watching that video kill it?)
  • weather channel widget
  • realcalc (sci/eng calculator)
  • Listen
  • Pandora

What are your must have apps? I have urban spoon, but it isn’t must have.... So, what are your top 3 or 4 must have apps?

What apps are so good you paid for?

1 comment:

  1. Mike McGraw (QC)7:59 PM

    Call Confirm - avoid "butt dialing"
    WiFi Analyzer - what networks are "up" in your area?
    ScanLife - barcode scanner
    aCar - save gas fill data, calculates mileage; record service done
    B-Folders - password safe; if I can only get it to work