Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman Massacre

As I'm sure everyone knows, there was a huge massacre yesterday. At a movie premier for a comic book super hero. Super heroes need villains and villains do exists. Why must comics be copied in real life? I can't make any sense of it really - it's just too mind boggling.

But amid all the grief and cries of why I'm thinking of how much energy and wealth we spend on military vs. spending on science, education, health care, and general well being. I'd refer us all to this video

Not because the "good ol' days" were better. Only to illustrate the thinking I have on the killings - people invested in their social group don't usually turn on the group. Inspiring people, setting bold goals (that by the way employ people), and working towards a common greater good, can only help get more people invested/included.

May the victims rest in peace. May the injured recover. May their friends and relatives find ways to peace. May we all find ways to stop bullying and aggravating each other, ways to inspire all to be productive, and ways to let things that bother us go. 

A little bit goes a long way.

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