Wednesday, April 04, 2012


My grandmother Annie passed away today. She was and always will be an inspirational figure in my life. She chuckled easily and listened intently. Very sharp and witty. She will be missed. Here is a video I took just a couple days before she passed.


A great spirit to the last.

I'm fortunate that I went to visit this past weekend. I received (and gave) hugs and kisses. She was delighted to see me. As I was her. So many memories of holidays in her warm house on Long Island. Playing on that property are some of the best times I had growing up. She always had tots and fudgsicles  in the freezer. Makes me smile even today recalling those fun snacks.

Rest in peace Annie.

Update: if you have a memory of Annie you'd like to share please do add it to the comments. I'd like to have a collection of them. When I have some time, I'm going to collect some of the things people have posted on Facebook here as well. Especially the photos and videos.


  1. Anonymous11:25 PM


    sorry to hear of your loss, my sympathies.


  2. Madelaine1:55 PM

    Dearest Mike and our whole family in California, Vermont and beyond, the kids especially: Annie was a beacon of love and light in our otherwise complicated world that will never fade. She was always the highlight of a visit, her easy smile and humor reminding us all of the best of the human spirit. Sharing the Route 100 porch with her on a sunny afternoon, watching her take command of the river tube desk will always be our indelible memory of Annie,a great wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and life long special lady. With love to her beautiful memory and you all,
    Madelaine, Ted, David and Rebecca in New York

    1. Thanks Madelaine. Nice remembrance.

  3. Memory- box in the mail, no instructions, hand packaged. Contents: coffee beans in sandwich bag, small vase, collection of flower pens. Naturally we drank the coffee, put flowers in the vase and put the pens in a pen jar. Right? Wrong! Annie sent us a jar to put the pens in and the beans were to hold the upright! ha! That was a good laugh- and we still have her pens. :)