Wednesday, March 02, 2011

network - a movie

Network came out in 1976. I found it after clicking though some 2011 Oscar news and landed on Faye Dunaway. She is awesome in this.

Watching Network I saw things you don't see today: imperfect teeth, suits, smoking. Man the smoking - everywhere smoking. Amazing. OH, and there is no musical score running over everything.

I like this movie - though I have to admit about 1/2 way through I almost turned it off. The final 1/3 was exciting. I guess I liked watching everything fall apart. I do think the ending was a bit much. Almost like they didn't know what to do, so they...I don't know, punted?

I read somewhere that this movie predicted 24-hours newstainment that we have today. With Peter Finch's Howard Beale taking the role of Glenn Beck. It's spot on - unbelievably prescient.

Worth checking out.

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