Thursday, October 15, 2009

Verizon Android

As I said a couple days ago, Verizon called to remind me about my new every two promotion. I told them I wanted an iPhone.

But that's not 100% true. I'd also be temped by an Android phone.

I didn't need Verizon's There's a Map for That ads to know that ATT might not work for me. My friends iPhone gets no service in my home.

So I wait - stuck on the "best network" - without a smart phone that I actually want.

That might change with Verizon announcing support for Android phones. I'm pretty excited that they might come this year!

But what are the phones? All this year there have been rumors that one will be the Motorola Sholes. At a recent press conference it seemed the two phones were revealed. Today I see that an update to customer support software at Verizon stores has been updated - it shows two Android phones. The phones are the Motorola Sholes and Calgary. The HTC phone shown at the press conference is not there. That's a shame.

In any case, whatever the phones are, I can't wait to read reviews and see these for myself. Who knows, maybe I'll get one. Here's to choices!

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