Thursday, July 08, 2010

Seeing the whites of their eyes

I think I've heard in military lore the expression of being so close to an enemy the solders were able to "see the whites of their eyes."

Today I had a similar, but far less terrifying experience, motorcycling into work.

The setup: I'm on the freeway, 80MPH, same speed as everyone else in the left lane. Good spacing, 3-4 car lengths in front, but an annoying guy behind is about 2 away. Ignoring him, I'm looking front. Break lights in the right lane. A full size transit bus is breaking hard, the car behind too...

I ease off the throttle, gently press my foot on the break just enough to turn on the brake light (something I've practiced a lot while standing still). Drift towards the break down lane to my left and check it. It's clear up ahead. Good to know if I need it.

By this time I and everyone else in the left lane have caught up to the bus and now the two right-most lanes are braking hard. Still no brake lights in the two left-most lanes. Suddenly over the TOP of the bus a 2 foot by 1 foot object comes flying through the air. It's instantly obvious that this bit of plastic is heading my way and it is the top of a ice chest type cooler.

I decide to accelerate to make sure it lands behind me. It does, and at is it goes by, I clearly see two cup holders, like giant eye whites, staring right at me.

The truck behind me takes a cooler top in the grill. I keep going.

Another fun ride into work. I never did see the rest of the cooler.


  1. Mother of the Year9:40 AM

    I'm hating these stories!

  2. Mom, "Mother of the Year?" Really? Yeah, I hate these stories too. Maybe it's time to start a mini cooper fund.

  3. Mother of the Year11:46 AM

    More like, Mother of your life.... and glad to be. No, no, no mini coop!..'68, with rag top..white interior

  4. Hey, time to change your blog!