Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chrome OS anounced as open source

Google took the wraps of Chrome OS today. As Google puts it, 90% of what you do on your computer is already in the web browser. In the video below there is a bit where they explain why your “modern” computer is so slow to start up and get you on the internet. Its the stuff that loads before you can click on and launch the browser:

  • BIOS
  • OS Primatives
  • Hardware Detection
  • Load and Start Kernel
  • Random Stuff
  • Login
  • Splash Screen
  • Invisible Startup Apps
  • Anti Virus Software

    It is amusing how those parts of the computer are made to crumble as time goes by. Just like in most computers today.
    If successful, Chrome OS looks like a great way to power most computers today. Weeee, everything is in the Cloud. Of course Qualcomm is right there as a technology partner.
    What do you think? Do you want to try it? Can you believe they’ll give it away on the Hardware? That the hole thing is open source?
    It just blows my mind. Especially when I think about how much I’ve spend on wintel computers and my last purchase.
    Chrome OS will be on Snapdragon powered Smartbooks soon - think middle to end of  next year. We have guys working on it right now.
    You can get a taste of Chome OS right now on your Windows PC. Download the browser and give it a try. I use it almost exclusively.

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