Friday, September 11, 2009

Make XP faster

Got CCleaner ? If your pc seems to be slowing down you might try CCleaner. It cleans out caches from your browsers and from windows. It also has a windows startup manager - to get rid of items that launch when windows boots. Finally it has a registery cleaner. Go and get it. There are many reviews that say it doesn't suck.

The same people make Defraggler - better than windows own disk defragmenter.

Again, I ask, what is wrong with MS? Shouldn't they be making the best tools for thier own OS?

BTW, what about smartbooks? No windows 7 for those. Is that such a bad thing? If I have to run Linux or Chrome, I'm ok with that. The headache that is windoz should be banished somehow.....hopefully, for my company's sake, smartbooks will help with that.

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