Thursday, December 11, 2008

dinner with the kids

Jen is a vegetarian and when she goes out for night I like to make some old fashioned meatatarian dinner.

Last night I made chicken legs and thighs with baked potatoes and mixed vegetables. It turned out rather good. Soft potatoes. Juicy chicken rubbed in garlic and other herbs. Yummy.

With Amanda on the left and Jake on the right, I sat down...

"Blood, blood, blood" repeated over and over by Amanda while rubbing the red parts of the leg bone with her butter knife. Jake repeatedly insisting it's not blood while managing to simultaneously complain "cartilage, cartilage, cartilage" from Jake (he calls the tendons cartilage).

Jake - I've never seen so much cartilage. Usually its at the top and the bottom, not all over.

Me - Well I think all legs (showing him an example) have one side like that and another with more hard parts.

Jake - non, this is different, I swear.
Then there was the fighting back and forth.

Me - How was it at school today?

Amanda - I went on a field trip.

Me - wow, that must have been fun. Jake what did you do in gym today?

Jake - I played basketball.

Amanda (to Jake) - Did you go on a field trip?

Jake - No.

Amanda - repeats...

Jake - No!

Me - Amanda, it is not nice to ask over and over.

Amanda - Ok.

Amanda (to Jake) - You didn't go on a field trip, I did.

Me - Sigh.

At least the chicken was tasty.

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