Tuesday, October 21, 2008

how ugly will it get?

With 14 days to go, I'm asking myself how ugly can it get. I've got an Obama sticker on my motorcycle. I park it inside at night and outside my window during the day at work. I'm worried it won't make it unscathed till Nov 4th.

Here in North Carolina some people voting early are getting an ear full from McCain/Palin supporters. Tires were slashed at an Obama rally. How ugly will it get? How much shameful behavior will we have to endure? The rest of the world will once again mock us as self-righteous hypocrites.

I'm pretty sure that if I were about to vote, having angry people shout mean nasty things about my candidate might just turn me off even more from their candidate.

I have to ask Roger Farina, what difference does it make if people vote on Sunday? Not planned? I can see your thinking - people are coming from an Obama rally directly to the polling place. Sounds like a scam? Not really. Not to me anyway. This has to have happened on most election days at some time in the past, a rally followed closely by voting.

I think I know - it’s the unspoken bit that speaks volumes. Many of the voters across the street from you are black, Obama is half black, McCains chances are looking slime and you don't like it. In any case, Roger, I expect better from a guy from New York, a guy who fought for voters in 2000.

Well you've got your right to be there, free speech and all, but at least have the guts to say what you really think.

Look, we've already had this fight. Let’s move on and stop worrying who is voting when. You had your vote, isn't that enough?

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