Friday, July 25, 2008

Tastes change

Everyone's tastes change as they get older. When I was a kid I loved Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. So much that I used to make Triple-Decker PB&Js! Sometimes I'd go crazy and make a Quadruple-Decker!!! Today I can hardly stand the stuff. I still make them in a pinch. But by the time I'm on the last quarter sandwich I literally start to gag. I need a lot of milk to get it down.

I realized how my tastes are changing as I age while I made a tuna sandwich the other day.

Sidebar: How does Mike make a tuna sandwich? Glad you asked.

To start, I like white albacore tuna. In water please, no oil. You can use what ever you like. Pictured, I have one can of tuna, one celery stick, chopped, and about two table spoons of mayo. Finally some salt and pepper to finish it up.

I don't think there is a need to measure. Mayo for example, just feel the tuna get soft as you add it in a bit at a time.

Speaking of mayo, I use the real deal - no "light" knock-off for me. I say, if you're going to risk the mercury, may as well have real mayo to go with it.

I drain the tuna and press with fork in a colander before I mix all this up to remove the water. Why? I don't know. I was shown this way by a chef while working in a restaurant on Long Island. It is a long-standing habit.

Bread has to be whole wheat for me. Toasted and buttered. Not too much of either.

Put it together with some lettuce and tomato slices, and I have a snack I can finish without gagging.

As I was saying tastes change.

Back when I was in middle school a neighbor had a Toyota Supra. For the longest time I always wanted one. I swore to myself I'd buy one when I could. While in college I drooled over the last model imported to the US. A bright yellow one was always teasing me from the student parking lot at RIT. Some go to college with a bit more coin than others! But I digress.

Now that I can afford a nice car, I drive a Volvo s40. I find it interesting that, using the 89 Supra for comparison, both of these cars have the same horsepower. The one I have seats 4 comfortably and doesn't hurt the kidneys on long drives.

I notice lots about myself changing as I get older. One of them is the set of things that I get excited about - otherwise known as my tastes.

What about you, how are your tastes changing?

Oh, and in case you're worried about me, I may not have a supra but I still have a fun toy.


  1. mike, nice sandwich, all i would add is a bit of fresh ground black pepper, some chopped parsley and a squeeze of lemon. maybe some green olives or capers.

    and this thing about white albacore in water, for sure a must. my mom made that a family tradition. when we went to school and saw kids with that skanky oily junk tuna, we new our mom was keyed into what's right, not good, but right. same goes for the hellman's, the only one for me. no spreads or miracle whip for in this guys fridg. i guess i'm a tuna and mayo snob.

    as far as cars go, i haven't owned one since i left the states back in '92. so nice to not have that whole "car trip" and insurance thang hangin' around my neck. when i need a car, i rent one, maybe 1 or 2 times a year. very green of me too i might add.

    as far as tastes changing, you bet. ask me what i like today, and before 5 minutes are up, i have moved onto to something else. just ask any of the girls i know. they tell you that for sure.

    oh yeah, and be careful with that toy, 'ur a dad now.

  2. I really like capers, but would not try olives. Next time I'll try the capers - nice idea. I did put in black pepper - must have forgot to mention it.

    The "toy" brings me 6 miles to and from work everyday. Soon it will be 12 as we are moving to the other side of RDU.